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Saturday, 17 June 2023

Since the clashes was broke out in the state between the two community groups Meitei and Kuki from 4th May, 2023. People’s Resource Development Association ( PRDA), Bishnupur has been supporting and enhanced the needs of the displaced people who are affected by the present crisis .
Fortunately, TANYAK has been provide us Rs 50,000/ to support the inmates in the relief camps. We, the PRDA has been utilised this amount of money on different activities and programs. And we are so grateful and thankful for cooperating and trusting our works .
1.Tailoring cum Production Centre existing in People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) Bishnupur has been opened .
The aim of the centre
• To provide employment to the inmates of the relief camps who experienced in this field .
• To produce necessary cloth items for inmates .
The selected inmates for tailoring and cutting cloths were 4 women residing in Old Mini Secretariat.

Sl. No Name of the employee Age Address Phone no
1 Laishram Roma 43 Khuga Tampak Awang leikai 7085910563
2 Laishram Romi 38 Khuga Tampak Awang leikai 8415088322
3 Laishram Roshni 27 Khuga Tampak Awang leikai 8415088322
3 Konjengbam Purnima 35 Khuga Tampak Awang leikai 6909653061

As of now we produced 253 inner garments for women as it was the most demanding and necessary item. 100 inner garment were distributed along with bags for each household by cooperating with RWDS (Rural women development society) to the Oksongbung relief camps .

And along with inner garments we have been started making pillow cover for inmates as per survey pillow cover is primary needs for every relief camps.

2. Distribution of I.E.C materials to 27 relief camps for maintaining the cleanliness and hygienic atmosphere in and around the relief camps from date 8 june, 2023 to 15 june, 2023

Sl. no Name of the relief camps Contact no. of the org/ helper No. of banners
1 Relief Control Centre, Bishnupur 7005393901 2
2 Leimaram Govt. High School 8837460214 2
3 SAI Complex, Utlou 9402614349 2
4 Nachou Junior High School Nachou 7005826034 2
5 Oinam Government Higher Secondary School 7085795265 2
6 Mangolnganbi College, Ningthougong 9366094554 2
7 Ibudhou Thanging Guest House 8414047511 2
8 Thangjing Sindam sanglen moirang 7005844746 2
9 Khoiyol Keithel, Moirang Lamkhai 8974286549 2
10 Moirang Multipurpose Higher Sec School 7005163252 2
11 Santhong Makha Mandop 8974330462 2
12 Santhong Community hall 7005875457 2
13 Moirang College 9362263531 4
14 Keibul Mayai Leikai Mandop 8575723762 2
15 Chandapur 9856611102 2
16 Moirang khunou Makha leikai Mandop 8413889288 4
17 Moirang khunou mayai leikai 9856738583 2
18 Ithing Community hall 7629946448 2
19 Ngangkhalawai UPS 9366469788 2
20 Thanga Chinkha Community Hall 7005247948 2
21 Thangalawai Sabal Leikai 8731023275 2
22 Thangjing UPS School 8014949984 2
23 Thamnapokpi UPS near Pukhri Achouba 7005544349 2
24 Leimaram SC Girls Hostel 7005520274 2
25 Okshongbung UPS 7630895220 2
26 Kwakta high school 9856378887 2
27 Keirenphabi Maning Leikai 9863584181 4

3. As per your advice TANYAK, we have been started collection of Water Sample for testing in order to prevent from any kind of skin diseases like irritation, rashes , allergy, etc .It is good step for the inmates particularly those who have sensitive skin and other skin problems. Cleanliness and hygienic environment is must for every relief camp to keep away from unwanted disease.
Sl no Name of the relief camp Sources of water Phone no of camp in charge
1 Oinam Govt Higher Secondary School Pond water 7085795265
2 Leimaram Government High School Treated water 9856012689
3 Sai Complex High School Pond water 9615011200
4 Covid Isolation centre Tap water 7005393901
5 Nachou junior high school Pond water 7005268318
6 Mangolnangbi college, Nignthougong Pond water 9366094554

As per analysis results , District LAB.Bishnupur, PHED, Govt of Manipur there is no bacteria or other harmful substances which could affect the skin in water sample other than high in chloride and hardness of water. Therefore Kh Pramodini devi Jr Chemis of PHED LAB Bishnupur advice to maintain the water tank reservoir like syntax and put 1ml of bleaching powder per 500L of water keep for while or rinse alum for 10 sec before using the water.

Sl no Name of the relief camp Quantity of water
1 Old mini secretariat,relief camp bishnupur 1500
2 Old mini secretariat,relief camp bishnupur 1500
3 Old mini secretariat,relief camp bishnupur 2000
4 Nachou Jr.High school 2000
5 Oinam Higher Sec School 2000
4. Since June 2nd 2023, People Resource Development Association (PRDA) through TANYAK Distributed Safe Drinking Water to the different relief camps in and around Bishnupur District has been enclosed . The selected camps for distribution of safe drinking water are following under.