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Aims & Objectives

Main Objectives are to

  • Undertake human resource development programmes through the creation of institutes with a focus on quality education, vocational inputs and rehabilitation measures for HIV/AIDS affected/infected people.
  • Empower people through building social capital, economic capital and human capital for all round development.
  • Promote NRM practices for conservation and preservation of natural resources.
  • Involve in pertinent emerging issues related to Drugs/HIV/AIDS and Disasters.
  • Promote programmes related to health, environment, science and technology.
  • Initiate welfare programme simultaneously along with process based programmes for handicapped and mentally retarded people.

 Vision: Creating sustainable, resourceful & healthy environment wherein people co-exist with strong value system in peace & harmony.
Mission: Strengthening & Capacitation to the key leaders, NGOs, CBOs, SHGs & Farmers in the process networking development and advocacy.

H Shanti Singh​


L. Suranjoy Singh​


Dr. H. Romen Singh​

Asst. Secretary​

N. Dhanapati Devi