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Genesis of PRDA

PRDA runs a ‘People credit and thrift project’ (PCTP) programme since 1999 -2000 with an objective to provide fair credit and thrift services to marginalized and deprived sections of the communities. It encourages active participation of women in income generating activities, facilitating empowerment of women through increased access to credit services through SHGs either directly from PRDA or bank linkage

As women in Manipur has been traditionally active in handloom, farm and trading activities, increased access to credit has facilitated increased engagement in production and small trading in the sectors mentioned. PRDA has been able to form 160 SHGs with 1500 women members. So far 900 women were provided credit and 750 women are gainfully self-employing. The credit and thrift activities were initiated with supports from Rastriya Mahila Kosh, Manipur Rural Bank, and Voluntary Health Association, Manipur since 1999-2000.

However, PRDA is still facing challenges in achieving empowerment of women as the social and cultural norms is patriarchal and thus society is yet to accept the change that PRDA envisages for gender justice.

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