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Save LOKTAK LAKE,(Rebuild India, Dasra )

    • Achievements, Ongoing Project

Their Livelihood:
They depend on the Loktak lake for their Livelihood.

Objective: To provide an alternative source of livelihood to reduce their dependency only from fishig in Loktak Lake mainly during the fish breeding season.

Solution: Plantation of Thangjing (water foxnut), Tharo (water lily), Heikak ( water caltrop) as an
alternative way of Livelihood.

Key Environmental Challenges:
Climate change, pollution, deforestation, and
the plight of endangered species are just a
few of the pressing challenges we tackle.

Releasing indigenous fish into
Loktak lake with the help of
Fisheries Department,
Manipur in compensation to
the fishing culture of the
villagers for their livelihood.

Distributing some of their
essential commodities:
A Water filter per family and solar study
lamps for the students