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Child Line – Sub Center kumbi


Childline India foundation is project of ministry of Women and Child Development. Childline India foundation is a Non-government organisation in India that operates a Telephone helpline call childline for Childline ,for children who is in distress. It was India’s first 24-hour toll free phone outreach service for children .
CHILDLINE works for the protection of rights of all children from the age of 0-18.Their special focus in all children in need of care and protection, especially the more vulnerable sectionsthatincludes

1) Facilitating rehabilitation of children all over India through a platform of networks amongst organizations through out the country.
2) Promoting child rights amongst every citizen through awareness about CHILDLINE 1098.
3) To facilitate the effective functioning of CHILDLINE across the country.
 Victims of child sexual abuse.
 Street children and youth living alone on the streets.
 Child labourers working in the unorganised and organised sectors.
 Domestic helps

Case Study: Sexual Abuse

Background of the Child: –
Athopam Alva Chanu 7 years old belongs to a poor socio-economic family. She used to stay at Wangoo Sable Makha Leikai along with her parents. Her father works as daily labour and a drunker. Her mother was also daily wages earner as well as involved in domestic chores.

Distress Situation/ Circumstances: –
The conjugal life of Alva’s parents was not healthy. Her father is a drunker and often beats her mother and also whatever his earn money has been wasted to drink alchohol. As a result of which the family environment worsened.
Impact on Child: –
Being in such a pathetic situation Alva’s parents could not effort the expenditure as well as do not have proper knowledge how will the child get justice? Her parents are in search of help for justice of their child. On their plight to maintain their children they were desperately trying to find help (get justice). In due course of their struggle, they fortunately met up a person who happens to be a member of Anganwadi worker name,P. Pomchao Devi.
Contact with CHILDLINE: –

The CHILDLINE SUB CENTER KUMBI got an application from one member of Angawadi worker name,P. Pomchao Devi and she narrate in details about the case.
CHILDLINE Intervention: –

Thereafter CHILDLINE team met the parents of the child at their residence. Alva’s parents informed in details about their situation. Her parents also told CHILDLINE that they were very worried for their child. Considering the miserable situation, they were not in a position to bear such a huge cost for Childs justice. Therefore they requested CHILDLINE to look into the matter and provide possible support.
In due course, CHILDLINE team took the statement both for the parents and child. After taking statement and CHILDLINE team informed the Bishnupur .Women police statement. We CHILDLINE team with the parents and the child reaches Bishnupur Women police and launch FIR. The police team took statement both for the parents and the child. After completion of taking statement we both the police team and CHILDLINE team went to RIMS Hospital to take forensic test for the victim child. The Police team and CHILDLINE team produce the child before the CWC. On the next it was confirmed that the child was sexually abuse and the police team arrested the accused from his own residence. As per request of PARENTS of victim Child to CWC, CWC order to restored the at Girls world open lterhomeBishnupur. At present the child is happily staying at Girls world open shelter home, Bishnupur. CHILDLINE is keeping a close contact with child’s parents and Superintendent of shelter home.


Continuous efforts of CHILDLINE SUB CENTER KUMBI helped the child to get justice and also fulfilled the wish of Alva Parent’s.