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Friday, 19 May 2023

A very unfortunate crisis broke out between two communities in the state of Manipur on 3rd may 2023, houses were burnt, property was destroyed and even people loss their life. As the situation couldn’t tackle by the State government at the early stage people from the affected area have started shifted to other place for the safety of their family. People of all ages from infants to people in their 90’s took shelter in relief camp. In view of the grievances faced by the people in the state particularly in the Bishnupur District the District Administration along with the Local CSOs have set up 51 relief camps in Bishnupur district with around 7029 inmates in them. Action Aid Association India (AAAI) in Collaborate with People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) with the support of District Administration Bishnupur District Distributed relief Material to 645 families who are affected by the communal crisis.
List of the relief camps:
Sl. No. Name of the relief camp Date of distribution
No. of Family
(Target) No. of Family

SAI Complex
Utlou 21-06-2023 25 25

2. Oinam Relief camp 21-06-2023 27 31
21-06-2023 40 20
Old DC complex, Bishnupur 21-06-2023 46 50
5. Mangolnganbi College Ningthoukhong 21-06-2023
25 25
ChinguThangjing Guest House 22-06-2023 45 45

7. KumbiLeirakAchouba Community Hall 22-06-2023 13 26
Sunusiphai 23-06-2023 8 14

9. Phubala High School
23-06-2023 65 63

10. Kumbi Central High School 30-06-2023 40 31
MaibamMandopMoirang (Moirang college Block-B) 30-06-2023 120 50

MoirangKhunouMakhaLeikai 30-06-2023 10 10
SribonMandop 01-07-2023 28 25

14. KumbiAwang High School 01-07-2023 21 25
IthaiKhunou Govt. High School 01-07-2023 27 46
16. Ngangkhalawai UPS 07-07-2023 25 25
Takmu Water Sport, Laisoi 07-07-2023 58
(New Life Foundation ) 01-07-2023 45 65
Household 12-07-2023 and
20. Total

List of distributed items in each household residing at Relief Camp:
Sl. no Name of the item Quantity
1. Rice 30kg.
2. Daal 3 kg.
3. Sugar 2 kg.
4. Oil 2 litres
5. Salt 1 kg.
6. Ngari (dry fish) ½ kg.
7. Soyabean 2 packages
8. Toothbrush 4 pieces
9. Toothpaste Colgate 200gm
10. Soap 5 pieces
11. Detergent bar 5 pieces
12. Sanitary pad 2 packets
13. Mosquitoes net 1 piece
14. Plastic mat 1 piece
15. Tarpaulin 1 piece
16. Bucket with lid 1 piece
17. Plastic mug 1piece

Action Aid Association of India (AAAI) in Collaborate with People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) with the support of District Administration Bishnupur District Distributed relief Materials to 645 families who are affected by the communal crisis from 21st June,2023 to 19th July,2023.

On 21st June, 2023 ActionAid Association India (AAAI) in collaborates with People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) under the supervision of District Administration distributed relief materials to 151 families staying in five relief camps namelySAI ComplexUtlou, Oinam Relief camp, Nachou relief camp,Old DC complex, Bishnupur and Mangolnganbi college Ningthoukhong. Modern Higher Secondary School and ThokchomIbotombi Teacher Training Institute merge together and shifted to Old DC complex Bishnupur.
There is some change in the distribution of relief materials to the relief camps. The inmates are changes from one relief camps to another so the staffs manage during the distribution. Nachou Relief camps reduce their inmates from 40 families to 20 families.
The organisers and the inmates give thanks and gratitude to the ActionAids Association India (AAAI) and People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) for their valuable support during the crisis and helping some of their needs.On 22nd June 2023 to 1st July, 2023ActionAid Association
India (AAAI) collaborates with People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) under the supervision of District Administration distributed relief materials to 335 families staying in ten relief camps namelyChinguThangjing Guest House, KumbiLeirakAchouba Community Hall,Sunusiphai Upper Primary School, Phubala High School, Kumbi Central High School, MaibamMandop shifted to Moirang College Block B, MoirangKhunouMakhaLeikai, SribonMandop, KumbiAwang High School and IthaiKhunou Govt. High School.

Guest House Moirang Moirang College

S.D.O of Bishnupur and Nodal Officer participated in distribution of relief materials

Phubala Relief Camp Taking Signature of the inmate during Distribution

KumbiAwang High School KumbiLeirakAchouba Community Hall

On 7th JULY,2023 the team distributed remaining items to Takmu water Sports Complex, Laisoi and Ngangkhralawai UPS . Takmu Water Sport Complex, Laisoi is the newly selected relief camp.

Ngangkralawai UPS Takmu water Sports Complex, Laisoi

Distribution of relief materials to the victims living with relatives
ActionAid Association of India (AAAI) collaborates with People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) organized Psychosocial Support Counseling at different relief camps of Bishnupur District. The importance of mental health cannot be overstated in the process of recovering from emergencies, as it plays a vital role in the social and economic wellbeing of individuals, societies and countries. Providing timely mental health and psychosocial support can significantly reduce the likelihood of severe mental and psychological disorders among people.
Since May 3rd, 2023, the state of Manipur has been grappling with a great humanitarian crisis which has resulted in the death of more than 100 people in the state, hospitalisation of more than 250 people and displacement of 47,914 people as on 25th May 2023. With thousands currently living in relief camps, the crisis has significantly impacted the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of the affected population.
Main Objectives
 To identify the mental condition of the inmates through Focus Group Discussions and
 To Provide psychosocial counselling to the victims of communal clash

List of the relief Camps conducted psychosocial counselling support: Name of the relief Camp No. of male No. of female Total

1. Moirang College, Moirang
29 35 64

2. Old DC complex, Bishnupur 40 51 91

3. KumbiAwang High School, Kumbi 15 27 42

4. Kumbi Leirak Achouba Community Hall, Kumbi 15 24 39

5. Kumbi Central High School, Kumbi
52 60 112
6. Ithai Khunou Government High School, Ithai 26 56 82

Grand Total 177 242 423
The first day of psychosocial counselling was conducted at Moirang College on 14th June, 2023. There were 57 inmates participated in the psychosocial support counselling through Focus Group Discussion. The Session was taken by Soibam Boby Devi, Project Co-ordinator ActionAid Association of India. At initial she begins with self-introduction and highlighted the importance of Mental Health and psychosocial support counselling in this emergency situation. The topic of Focus Group Discussion was “Role and responsibilities of youth in the Development of Society”. The session was conducted according to the prescribed paper format from AAAI. Most of the participants share their view and vision of their life. The session was full of fun and the participants enjoy a lot by singing and dancing during the session.

1. At First most of the participants did not share their ideas and view but after the discussion and playing some game they actively participated in this programmes and also share their thought and views.
2. The program was successful as most of the participant has came to realise that every individual has role and responsibilities.

Old DC Complex Bishnupur :
Psychosocial counselling is needed in every relief camp as the situation is tense and volatile. The staffs went to the Old DC complex and meet the inmates and discuss on “Role and Responsibility of Women in the Development of the society.” The session stated with brainstorming and they said that they got bore in the relief camps and want to earn some money. Most of the inmates can do tailoring, weaving, making agarbati, dish wash, detergent making etc. if ActionAid Association India can give some financial Aids to the women then they will be very grateful to them and it may reduce some of their stress and anxiety.
During psychosocial counselling session in Kumbi Awang High School, the staffs identify one mental retard children and talk to his mother about the behaviour of the children.
During counselling session the staffs came to know that i most of the relief camps the inmates i.e. men folks have many skills like carpenters, masons, teachers, drivers, electrician etc. So if there is any financial assistance they want to work for their livelihoods and want to settle and they also worried about their children education and their future.

The participants are very happy after the discussion and they are very grateful to conduct such programme and enlighten their knowledge and they feel free to share their sorrow and worries to the staffs. They are expecting more programme and interaction .
To help the people who have been displaced by the present unrest in the State, ActionAid Association of India in collaboration with People’s Resources Development Association (PRDA) organised a FREE MEDICAL CAMP with FREE MEDICINE with the support of Chief Medical Officer, Bishnupur on 8th July, 2023 at Kumbi Awang High School and on 11th July, 2023 at Takmu Water Sports Complex, Laisoi.

Objectives of the Medical Health Camps
• To provide access of medical health care and
• To generate awareness of mental health to the inmates of relief camps.

Kumbi Awang High School:
ActionAid Association of India in collaboration with People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) organised a free medical camps followed by free medicine Distribution in support of Chief Medical Officer Bishnupur on dated 8th July, 2023 at Kumbi Awang High School, Bishnupur District.
As per Schedule, the programme was started at 10 a.m. and continued till 4pm. Team of two Doctors and two nurses provided medical care and free medicines to 87 inmates and Dr. Gyneshwar Senior Psychiatric doctor suggest inmates in the camp about the importance of early diagnose and treatment on mental health.
Sl. No. of Male No. of Female No.of Children
Under 12 Total
1. 35 41 11 87

The inmates received medical treated for various ailments such as arthritis, joint pain, fever, pain at chest, stomach ache, loss of appetite, cold, cough, nausea weakness of limb, gastritis, joint pain, abdominal pain, dizziness, restless indigestion, throat pain etc.

During the program psychosocial support and counselling session was also conducted for the campers and we are able to identified one child i.e. S. Telheiba Singh age 7years old from Ekou Bazar, who is mentally retarded and struggle a lot to adjust among the people. But fortunately through this program doctor came to know the problem face by Telheiba family and doctor told the family to come to the District hospital and get mentally retard certificate from Chief Medical Officer through his recommendation and get the support from Government. TThk

IimmmmmThe Immediate Impact
i). Get treated of common diseases among Campers
ii). Access free Medicine for the Campers
The campers gave gratitude to ActionAid Association of India and PRDA for organising free medical camp for the welfare of the inmates.

Takmu Water Sports Complex, Laisoi
On 11th July, 2023 ActionAid Association of India in collaboration with People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) organised free medical camps and medicine Distribution at Takmu Water Sports Complex, Laisoi . Two Doctors and two support nurses were engaged for the program to provide medical care and free medicines to 72 inmates. The following numbers of people are present in the program;
Sl. no Male Female Children Total
1. 23 37 12 72

The inmates received medical treatment for various ailments such as headache, vertigo low back pain, sleepless, backache, anxiety, depression, giddiness, palpitation , loss of appetite, weakness, shortness of breathing, throat pain, rashes and weakness of limb, gastritis, body pain, knee pain, cold, cough, fever, numbness of limb, etc.
In spite of heavy rain, short duration of time, it draws a good response from the inmates of relief camps and they express gratitude to the funder and the staff for the sincere efforts.
The success of the programme in providing basic health care facility and distribution of medicine for the people affected in communal riots.