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Wednesday, 9 August 2023

A very unfortunate crisis broke out between two communities in the state of Manipur on 3rd may 2023, houses were burnt, property was destroyed and even people loss their life. As the situation couldn’t tackle by the State government at the early stage people from the affected area have started shifted to other place for the safety of their family. People of all ages from infants to people in their 90’s took shelter in relief camp. In view of the grievances faced by the people in the state particularly in the Bishnupur District. The District Administration along with the Local CSOs have set up 51 relief camps in Bishnupur district with around 7029 inmates in them. People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA), Bishnupur has been supporting the needs of the displaced people who are affected by the present crisis. People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) as a local partner of Humanitarian Aid International (HAI) has donated a sum of Rs two lakhs forty-seven thousand and fifty nine rupees (247059) to support the victims of the cisis in the state. Out of 51 relief camps PRDA selected 6 relief camps which are more vulnerable in Bishnupur district.
List of relief camps
I. Wangoo Awang Upper Primary School
II. Leisamba Sanglen
III. Wangoo Laifam Laya Ground
IV. Wangoo higher Sc. School
V. Wangoo Ahal Lup Mayai Leikai
VI. Wangoo Laifam Heinou Yumfam

There are more than 218 families took shelter in these 6 relief camps. HAI in collaboration with PRDA distributed immediate needs to the 6 relief camps. The items that have been distributed to the relief camps were under follows;
List of item:
Sl. No. Name of the items Quantity
1 Rice 18 bags
2 Mashoor dal 4bag
3 Mustard oil 84 litres
4 Sanitary pad 3 box
5 Detergent 8 box
6 Soap 70 dozens
7 Potato 252 kg
8 Mini blanket 218 pc
9 Bed sheet 436 pc

Camps and its distributed items:
Wangoo Awang Upper Primary School 4 bag 20 kg 18L 52 KG 52 20 198 198 52
Leisamba Sanglen 2 bag 15 kg 14L 35 KG 28 90 108 108 28
Wangoo Laifam Laya Ground 3 bag 20 kg 14L 40KG 29 10 116 116 29
Wangoo higher Sc. School 5 bag 30 kg 18L 60 KG 60 226 230 230 60
Wangoo ahal lup mayai leikai 2 bag 15 kg 6L 25 KG 20 80 72 72 20
Wangoo heinou yumfam 2 bag 20 kg 14L 40 KG 29 10 116 116 29

After finalized with every minute detail, volunteers of PRDA were set out for delivering the item at around 2:00 PM on 23rd June and distributed to 4 relief camps. PRDA hired 5 inmates residing in Mini Secretariat Relief camp, Bishnupur as labor on the basis of giving honorarium per day.

List of labour (inmates)
1. Birla Haobijam
2. Konthoujam Opendro
3. Konthoujam Bikanta
4. Laishram Romesh
5. Laishram Medelien